Ruby Browne (Pipes) is the youngest of three kids raised by a hippie and a hellcat in a petri dish of a town in southwest Washington. She grew up wanting to be a dinosaur, but settled for making exceptional grades in school. By the time she was sixteen she’d become bored with high school and spent most of her junior year cutting class to go for long drives to nowhere in particular. When senior year rolled around she realized that unless she wanted to drop-out she better buckle down and ended up graduating in the top of her class. After high school she bounced back and forth between community college, AmeriCorps, and the service industry.

Eventually she moved to Portland, Oregon, found some great teachers, and graduated with an Associate of Arts. Directly after graduation she moved to Oakland, California and began attending University of California, Berkeley. Although she loves learning, she was less than dazzled by what was supposed to be the best public university in the world. She also happen to fall in love with her now husband who lived in Seattle, Washington and before she knew it she was leaving behind another 4.0 GPA in search of something bigger.

Since that time Ruby has moved to Seattle, managed a coffee shop, gotten married, moved to the Philippines, and transplanted back to Seattle. She recently quit her day job and has begun the quest of figuring out what she really wants out of life. This blog is a place for her to practice being vulnerable, honest, and grateful as she strives to find all possible answers to all the big questions.